Antimethanogenic ISCR Sleeve

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Provect-ISCR Sleeve

Provect-IR® is easily deployed via groundwater wells using the Provect-ISCR Sleeve delivery system to stimulate anaerobic biodegradation of organic contaminants. Provect-IR® is a unique mixture of reagents combined into a single product that optimizes reductive dechlorination of chemicals present in soil, sediment, and groundwater. It acts by promoting synergistic interactions between:
  • Natural antimethanogenic compounds
  • Hydrophilic, nutrient rich organic carbon sources
  • Zero-Valent Iron (ZVI)
  • Chemical oxygen scavengers
  • Vitamin and mineral sources


  • Significant cost savings due to ISCR approaches that promote biotic, abiotic, thermodynamic and chemical degradation mechanisms.
  • Readily biodegradable electron donor.
  • Estimated longevity >6 to 9 months.
  • Unique mode of action does not require use of specialty microorganisms.
  • All the field proven benefits of Provect-IR®.
  • Substantial time savings in the field.
  • Reusable stainless steel canisters are easy to insert and retrieve from the well. Recover the canister cost in your first installation!
  • Ease of determining the exact depth at which the product is deployed.
  • Sleeves and canisters available for 2” and 4” wells.
  • Up to three sleeves may be suspended in-line to lengthen the active zone.
  • Even distribution of the active material over the length of the sleeve(s) because the units do not collapse or bunch up.
  • What are the main application scenarios for Provect-ISCR Sleeve? These in well systems are most conducive to physically challenging situations where a readily biodegradable carbon source and reduced iron are needed to induce in situ chemical reductions (ISCR) of targeted compounds. For example, Provect-ISCR Sleeve can be used in deep well settings, PRBs that require routine amendment, and strategic placement into “problem” well locations.
  • What contaminants are amenable to Provect-ISCR Sleeve treatment? Chlorinated solvents, chlorinated pesticides, and energetics are the primary targets.
  • Is it easy to switch over to the Provect-ISCR Sleeve technology? Yes. Provect-IR has been accepted by numerous regulatory authorities throughout the U.S. and Europe.
  • How long do they last? Provect-ISCR Sleeve generally have longevity of approximately 250 days, but replacement on a longer or shorter schedule can be optimized based on monitoring results. Various site-specific factors will influence the effective lifetime including constituent type and concentration, and hydrogeological features (groundwater flow rate, Eh, pH, temperature).
  • Do I need to install new wells? No. The Provect-ISCR Sleeve is designed to fit into standard 2-inch and 4-inch diameter groundwater monitoring wells. The units have a nominal outside diameter of 1.75 inches for the 2-inch size and 3.5-inches for the 4-inch size.
  • Where are they primarily used? The Provect-ISCR Sleeve can be used in existing or newly installed wells, either in natural or forced gradient flow systems. For example, existing hotspot wells can be treated, or deep, dilute, or fractured system plumes can be treated by Provect-ISCR Sleeve placement within the capture zone of a groundwater recirculation well or other forced gradient systems. 


    • Active compound:  Provect-IR® contains organic carbon, methane control reagent and ZVI.
    • Sleeve:  Non-woven polyethylene fabric, needle punched.
    • Canister:  PVC disposable canisters.

    Dimensions, Volume and Weight:




    2 in

    1.5 in x 36 in approx.

    1.75 in x 36 in approx.

    4 in

    3.0 in x 36 in approx.

    3.5 in x 36 in approx.


    2 in: 3 ft 4 in

    4 in: 3 ft 6 in

    *with suspension loop and link extended

    Total Ship Volume

    2-in Sleeve

    0.34 ft3 (4 x 4 x 37 in)

    4-in Sleeve

    0.77 ft3 (6 x 6 x 37 in)


    Nominal weight per dry sleeve:


    Provect-IR content only

    Full Sleeve

    2-in Sleeve

    1.75 lb

    1.95 lb

    4-in Sleeve

    7.25 lb

    8.05 lb


    Technical Data Sheet