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DustResolver™ is a proprietary liquid dust suppressant for unpaved roads, parking lots and construction sites.  Formulated with natural vegetable oils and proprietary emulsifiers to safely control dust while not impacting the environment. In combination with water, DustResolver™ binds to the soil particles to a depth of 0.5 inch or potentially more depending upon soil type. It agglomerates soil particles to form larger size and weight particles; mitigating opportunity for particles to become airborne. This product will not leave any residue that will run off or form a hard crust on the surface of the soil that will delaminate.

The chemistry of DustResolver™ was specifically engineered to have a viscosity that is low enough to be easily pumped, have low odor and to easily blend with water.

After treatment of roads, vehicles can be driven over the treated areas after 5 to10 minutes and will not stick to surface of the tires.

Safe to Use:

-  Is not comprised of any chemistry deemed unsafe or hazardous
-  Formulated with natural vegetable oils and proprietary emulsifiers
-  Will not promote sticking of treated substrate to vehicle tires
-  Will not wash out to adjacent areas
-  Non-Corrosive formulation will not promote corrosion


-  Long term airborne dust reduction
-  Easy to apply
-  Easy to mix
-  Prevents substrate degradation
-  Eliminates need for continuous watering
-  Prevents transfer of dust and mud to adjacent pavements
-  Cost effective solution to dust control
-  Reduces freshwater consumption


DustResolver™ is dispersed in water and sprayed using a uniquely engineered spray system. Conventional water application equipment can easily/economically be modified to dispense the product. The concentration used will depend upon the type of the soil/substrate that to be treated.

One gallon of product treats approximately 30 to 80 square feet.

Physical and Chemical Properties:

Appearance Light yellowish
Appearance in Water White
Physical Form Liquid
Viscosity ~80 cP at 24° C
Relative Density
0.925 g/cm3 (7.72 lbs./gal)
Solubility in Water Water Dispersible
Flash Point >200˚F


- 55 Gallon Poly Drums
- 275-Gallon Totes
- Bulk Tankers

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Safety Data Sheets

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