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EDS-QR™ (Electron Donor Solution – Quick Release)

EDS-QR™ (electron donor solution – quick release) is a fast-acting, completely
soluble amendment engineered for enhanced reductive dechlorination of chlorinated solvents or any other anaerobically degradable substance. EDS-QR™ is USP Kosher Grade 99.7% purity USA sourced from an ISO Certified Plant. A key benefit is that EDS-QR™ provides more electron equivalence per pound than sodium lactate, so you buy and ship less product. With 99.7% organic carbon, 60 lbs. of EDS-QR™ provides the same amount of carbon as 100 lbs. sodium lactate.  EDS-QR™ is an ideal choice for projects that are on a fast track. One injection will typically enhance biological activity for 2 to 3 months.


  • Short-lived electron donor allows fast geochemical conditioning
  • Used in recirculation systems and low permeability zones
  • Conforms to EPA’s EPP (Environmentally Preferable Purchasing) and USDA bio-based criteria
  • Made from renewable USA-grown crop-based oils
  • Ideal for salt-sensitive aquifers


5-Gallon Pail